Highlight your brand by sponsoring athletes, sports or cultural events.


Sponsoring that makes you shine

Increase your brand awareness and/or visibility by sponsoring sports or cultural events. Associate your brand with top-level athletes.

From a logo on a shirt to billboards along a sports field, product partnerships or PR actions: the sponsorship possibilities are endless, depending on your objectives and budget.

Football, athletics, tennis, horse riding, motorsport, golf, and so on. On any sports ground and in any field, we have an extensive network, agreements with clubs and, above all, tons of experience. Together, we will make your dreams come true.

The power of UEFA Cup matches

Every year, The Friends negotiates with the most prestigious football clubs in the Belgian and Luxembourg championships.

We sell the rights to broadcast UEFA Cup matches during the qualification rounds, but also for the official and friendly matches of the Belgian national team.

Plenty of opportunities to make your brand visible to a large audience!

A strategic approach

Benefit from well-informed suggestions tailored to your objectives, target demographics and budgetary considerations.

The Friends back every proposal and recommendation with concrete data and research.